Interested in ICE?

ICE was developed by Intelity and was first released in 2009. Since then it has been installed in numerous hotels across the world. The platform is unique in that it fully integrates with the hotel's back-end management systems, including PMS, POS, Ticketing, Spa and Room Controls, which allows for tracking of guest requests through to fulfillment and provides data analysis tools for management insight. Read more…



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What is ICE?

ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) is a touch screen or TV based menu application, offering customers a full range of interactive services; Hotel Information, Local City Guide, Room Service Menu, Directory, Messaging, Games, International Newspapers, Transportation, In-Room Shopping, Theatre and Entertainments Bookings etc.., that can be all linked and integrated to the Hotel POS and PMS system.

ICE Versions

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Why are so many hoteliers choosing ICE as their preferred Guest Service Platform?
we believe it's because you can;

  • build on property revenues
  • reduce labour and printing costs
  • increase operational efficiencies and staff accountability
  • maximise guest satisfaction and enhance your guests' overall experience
  • provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace