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5455582_orig copyMassec's new advanced inventory system is saving you a lot of time and money. A cutting edge system is a very efficient and precise comparing to the the old food and beverage inventory process where the time and profitability loss were a standard.

It greatly reduces inventory time and complexity of a paper based process into a quick and easy job.

In todays bar and restaurant business environment there is no more space for inaccuracy caused by human error and carelessness thanks to the Massec® digital scale with barcode reader technology.

“Bar Shrink”, an industry term for losing revenue in beverage business due to bad practices, either unintentional or deliberate, has been a huge problem for the bar operators.

“The Bar Business” is a cash business, and it's too tempting and easy for careless or dishonest employees to take advantage of that.

Many people in the beverage industry view bartenders as a replaceable stuff and fail to realize the amount of responsibility they carrie. It is quite unfortunate because if they are treated with respect and dignity they deserve, it is in the human nature that they will treat theirs job with more favor and admiration. In the reverse case the bartenders are feeling justified to cheat and rip-off bar owners.

Statistical analysis are teaching us that bars and restaurants are losing from 10% to a 22% of revenue due to shrinkage and variation of human errors and carelessness. In some cases it can be even more, but just the average number is already too scary. This way business owners are losing “thousands” in lost profit, and in many situations it can lead over the line and into the bankruptcy.

Due to a huge amount of “circumstances”, bar and restaurant operators are being forced to look closer than ever before to inventory control.

Massec® protects your assets and your cash-flow runs smoother!!!

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What's Included?

​Massec Digital Scales + Bar Code Reader

Opional Extras are: Android Tablet, External Battery Pack and Heavy Duty Case (Price on request!)

Download the Massec App to your Android device here: Android-store-logo118x35