In order to bring you the most unique and innovative ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) solution available in the world today we've teamed up with some of the best Media, Marketing and IT companies. Along with their expertise we can offer a total package that is unmatched by all other hotel guest service providers.



ICE by Intelity
Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a hospitality software solution company focused on the self-service marketplace. ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise platform with its dazzling guest interface and ICS (ICE Control System) backend management has been recognized by hoteliers as the most innovative hospitality technology in the world. With so many hotels globally using ICE as their preferred guest service platform, its no wonder that they are the market leader! Visit Intelity's website

In-room tablet leasing with GRENKE
When you purchase IT equipment outright, it has a typical depreciation period of five years. Leasing accelerates the effective tax-related life cycle, allowing you to keep your technology fresh. By allowing you to introduce new systems at an earlier stage, leasing makes you more responsive to ever-changing market imperatives. This translates into far greater flexibility, not only in terms of technology but more importantly in terms of your finances. Aclass Media Ltd is a proud partner of GRENKE. Visit the GRENKE website

Tablet Enclosures
Our clients often choose to protect their in-room tablets with enclosures, for that reason we've teamed up with a company called ArmorActive, Inc. which is an enterprise-level tablet solutions company. Google, Apple, Nike and BMW just some of the companies that use their enclosures. ArmorActive work closely with us to create a customized tablet enclosure that complies to our clients wishes.

Photography & Video Production
One of the advantages of implementing the ICE solution into any Hotel is its extensive visualization capacity. Hotel guests are quickly impressed by the visual content and find it very easy to navigate by simply touching a picture or video link. We know from experience that a good quality picture or video can entice the viewer into action. This is why we have a network of Photographers and Video Production that we can hire-in if our clients ask for it.